Lena Schulze Chretien

Assistant Professor

Marine Science Research Institute

Jacksonville University
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Email: [email protected]


Research Scientist

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institution
Florida State University

I am a Assistant Professor of Marine Science at Jacksonville University. My focus is scale circulation of ocean currents. I  primarily use observational data, such as data from Argo floats, CTD's and moorings.

One of my interest is the circulation in the South East Pacific that includes a deep current in the Chile Basin. There are only very few observations in this part of the ocean and many features are only poorly described and understood. I am exploring this region using available hydrography data as well as reanalysis data.

Ocean observations are at the heart of understanding the dynamics and currents. However, it is hard, expensive and often complicated to obtain such measurements. I am working on a new instrument, a Coastal Bottom Drifter,  that will be able to provide measurements over long time periods and in parts of the ocean that are currently under-sampled.